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I have used her services to purchase two homes now and we have been beyond happy with her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to get things done for us.

I would absolutely recommend Claudia to anyone looking for a realtor who really cares about her clients!!

Cory Brewer

Claudia has been very patient and helpful with me with the process of buying my first home!

Christine Cantu

Claudia, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family.

This is the second time we have utilized your services and we are more pleased this time than the last. Since we've known you you have always went above and beyond to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. You are very much appreciated and would hands down reccomend you to anyone we know that is looking for a house. Again, my family and thank you!

Mike Gonzalez

She is incredibly knowledgeable

Jason Peebles

I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!

Edison Youngblood

Claudia is an amazing REALTOR.

She goes above and beyond for her clients by being very knowledgeable, solution-oriented and works well with others. She’s an asset to the profession!!

Susan Banks

Claudia is fabulous!

Knows the market, always answers the phone and is a pleasure to work with!

Heather Cisco

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Killeen, Claudia is your Realtor!

She is motivated and friendly and will sure take care of all of your real estate needs! 10/10 best Realtor of her area!

Hope Duty

Claudia is very professional and provides excellent customer service to your home Buying needs!

She is the epitome of the Real Estate profession!!

Chuck Mills

Claudia is such an amazing person and realtor.

She goes above and beyond for her clients!

Ashley Autumn

Claudia is an awesome agent.

She really cares about her clients and makes the transaction easy. I highly recommend her!

Beth Grotelueschen

If you want to know the do's and the don'ts in Real Estate, then you need Claudia Youngblood Trainum in your side, very professional.

She will get your Dreams come thru effortless... Well recomended !!! 5/30/2020

Billy Romero

Claudia’s very knowledgeable in buying or selling a home in this market.

She has years of experience and goes the extra mile to provide quality service! Contact her today, she won’t disappoint you!

Ramona Rosario

Love how Claudia operates.

Honesty, Integrity, and High Morales is what you get when you work with her. Your the priority!

Julian Barrientes

Claudia helped with finding us our first home purchase and she made the experience of homebuying stress free!

Not to mention that we had a baby on the way so working with Claudia was a huge relief of stress on my wife. Ill definitely be coming back to her if when we decide to purchase another house.

Rocky Ballin

Claudia is very customer orientated and is not afraid not only go above and beyond for her clients, but her team as well.


Crystal Hawkey

Claudia is an amazing realtor.

She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She will always be my go to person whenever I want to buy or sell a home. She's never let me down. I always walk away happy, smiling, and relieved after every closing. Claudia really makes the whole process much easier to navigate and simple for you. She always makes time to answer your questions and address all of your fears and concerns. Her office and coworkers are nice and friendly. You can't go wrong by letting Claudia become your realtor!

Roshawn Anderson

Claudia is top notch!

!! She is very knowledgeable and will walk you through every step of the way!

Lisa Shatto

I highly recommend Claudia for all of your real estate needs !

!! She’ll go above and beyond for you and your family!

Earl Waller

She is awesome!

She is one of the best Realtors in Central Texas! She will go above and beyond for you! You can trust her to help you find the perfect home!

Gabriel Montalvo

Claudia is an amazing realtor.

She seriously listens to her clients and helps them find the "right" home for them. I'm so impressed by her work ethic and her drive to help people.

Samantha Jackson

If you want to buy or sell (like me) your home, with Claudia you are in the best hands.

She will be there with suggestions to improve your home to a potential buyer, what to do or not to do, she will guide you if a potential buyer makes unnecessary demands. Claudia is always friendly, available by phone or e-mail, easy to work with and very professional. She is strictly on your side and guide you even if it means to lose a sale. If you are in need of a capable realtor I would definitely highly recommend Claudia Trainum.

Sally Riggle

I can’t say enough amazing things about Claudia.

My husband and I have used her services to purchase two homes now and we have been beyond happy with her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to get things done for us. We would absolutely recommend Claudia to anyone looking for a realtor who really cares about her clients!!

Kayla Jo Brewer

Claudia is a highly responsive professional that we recommend for any and all of your real estate needs.

We recommend utilizing her services.

Ron Page

Claudia is a great realtor who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients get the absolute best home they can.

She is definitely recommended.

Joey Heflin

It’s such an amazing experience and so easy to find a house, I really recommend Claudia

Chris Youngblood

Claudia is reliable and hard working highly recommended!

Heidi Brautigan

Claudia has been helping my family and I for a while now and not only is she professional but she is very hands on.

I will be doing business with Claudia for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend her.

Rurik Madrid

Very diligent to give the very best service to every client in every situation

Aaron Young

This realtor is very passionate at what she does and will help you get in your happy 🏡 home ❤️

Amy Young

Claudia has a strong work ethic that keeps not only an agent on track but also her client.

This brings a truly stress free transaction.

Conway Morgan

Claudia’s one of areas Top Realtors and she’s very experienced in the industry.

She’s a Claudia is an amazing person as well,and she always gets the job done!

Maria Elisa Rivera

Awesome service and professionalism.

.. Courtesy with a smile.😀😀

Elder Tracy D. Smith

Claudia is amazing and goes above and beyond for her clients.

She is amazing at what she does and has a passion for real estate! ❤️ Call her today!!

Amanda Shanahan

Claudia is a true professional and really cares about her clients.

I highly recommend her!

Jennifer LaBlanc

Claudia is the best!

She was very patient with us and understood that owning a home was a HUGE deal for us and we were taking it very seriously. It took us at least 4 months to find a house and she did not get frustrated with us at all. She just kept working to help us find our home. My kids have HUGE personalities and she just went with it. There was a point where I felt like we wouldn't find a home that we liked and my husband and I AGREED on. Finally, months later we found our home. Thank you so much CLAUDIA for your dedication!

Nene Valdez

Claudia is super professional and fights to get her clients the best rates and other bells and whistles added to the closing deal.

Claudia is like family and she has been in our family since 2008, when she helped us with our first home. She is trustworthy and awesomely dependable. She works hard for her clients, truly a blessing!

Shana Crawford-Ross

The testimonial from David Cardenas is below.

"Claudia is a great realtor and has always spoken the truth about all aspects of the real estate transaction. "


Claudia took the time and patience to help me look for my first home!

We must have looked for over 6 months before finding something we liked. A very dedicated realtor to her clients and best of all she knows all the neighborhoods in the area!

Clara Pulido

I’ve known Claudia for several years.

She has always been courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable glad to have her as an associate of the business.

Frank Johns

Claudia is a hardworking, very knowledgeable agent with more than a decade of working experience.

Unlike many other agents who might drop the ball, Claudia has always makes sure to represent the best interests of her clients, and ensuring a smooth sale. Claudia is always in contact by text or FB so you know the status of the transaction. I highly recommend Claudia. You will not be disappointed!!

Al Youngblood

I highly recommend Claudia.

As a lender, having a realtor that is always accessible and ready to problem solve makes the process smooth and efficient. Claudia kept her cool even when problems popped up at the last minute. She will take care of you!

Scott Ruby

Very knowledgeable realtor!

Always smiling and having a good time! 🙂

Shelbi Cloud

Highly recommended very punctual and professional!

Haley Sprangler

5 stars

Bary Clark

Claudia is phenomenal!

Very proactive and knowledgeable. Goes above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommend!!

Mari Torie

Claudia is a great realtor to work with.

She is about her clients and takes great care of you. She will not let you down. My family and I used her for when we were selling our home and she did a fabulous job. She is not one to disappoint you. If I had to choose a realtor again, she would be it.

Valerie Johansen

Claudia is a very professional, knowledgeable and hard working realtor.

You can't beat her service or that smile! Let Claudia help you find your dream home!

Tamy Bishop French

Claudia made my first home purchase happen when others couldn't.

Just when I had lost all hope and was about to settle with renting ANOTHER home - Claudia showed up out of no where, listened to me, and showed me the way! Claudia, thanks again for everything you've done! We love the house, love the neighborhood, and are happy with our lender. We wouldn't be where we are without you!

Jeremy Frew

Claudia is so sincere with her willingness to help.

She was an absolute gem to work with. The process was easy and flawless transition.

Tracy Gauthier

Friendly, listens to clients needs, seperates clients wants with recommendations.

I recommend to call her.

Kathy Harkin

Claudia is one of the most passionate realtors I've ever met.

She enjoys what she does and it shows! She is top rated for a reason! I would strongly recommend Claudia to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Karl Sommerer

Claudia is amazing!

She is very accommodating and very knowledgeable! She does an absolute incredible job and is a very good person. Very honest, dependable and eager to serve.

Paula Schultz Baker

Claudia is very nice and friendly!

! Professional and very knowledgeable!!

Rebecca Stewart

Claudia is by far one of the best real estate agent in the nation.

Claudia is 1000% committed to her clients. She is professional, reliable and goes above the norm for her clients. When Claudia represents you, she makes you feel like you are her only client. She does a great job educating her clients on the real estate process. She is a fighter and a value creator. My wife and I are happy to have met Claudia.

Awele Ighedosa

Claudia worked tirelessly to assist us in finding the right home in a market where not everything would qualify for a VA loan.

She walked us through the process from first look to closing without a hitch and even went to bat for us in seller negotiations. She works with a lot of the best people in the industry to help find solutions to whatever situation you might have. I highly recommend contacting Claudia before you start looking for your home so you get off to a good start!

Steve Knies

Claudia was Great, gave me great advice all the way through the process, kept me aware of everything, even if it meant late in the evening.

I depended on her expertise and she did not disappoint. I had only one home to sell but if I had another there would be no hesitation, I would call Claudia and turn it over to her.

Jeffrey Armstrong

Long time friend sweet, caring She is Awesome.

George Thughost Steacy

Claudia is very personable, knowledgeable and takes amazing care of her clients!

She truly cares about the well being and happiness of her customers and strives to be the best! So awesome to work with! 🤩

Ashlee Taylor

Claudia is professional, friendly and just an amazing person.

She knows the area very well and you can not go wrong with choosing her as your realtor!

Misty Michelle Baker

The following recommendation was received from David Cardenas and requires your approval before anyone will be able to see it.

"Claudia is a great realtor and has always spoken the truth about all aspects of the real estate transaction. "


Great person!

You need a house. Call Claudia

David Rickettes

Awesome realtor!

Would definitely recommend her any day!

Carmela Benevides


! Best experience I have had purchasing a home! Thank you Claudia!

Kevin Reichenbach

Claudia is VERY Professional providing A++ service to her Clients.

..I give Claudia 5+ Stars....

Howard Henselee

Claudia is a fabulous Realtor, she is dedicated and detail oriented.

With her, on your side, you will have no worries about your real estate transaction.

Kristina Youngblood

Great realtor, works hard for her clients!

Helps you find a home that fits your needs and super great to work with.

Kristi Harvey

I just want to make sure the world knows Claudia Youngblood Trainum 's heart.

It is a heart that is passionate about her clients. There are a handful of agents I know that absolutely go to the ends the earth for their clients and Claudia is at the pinnacle. Her dedication to her clients and education is astounding. I recommend her with 5+ Stars! 05/21/2020

Myka Allen Johnson
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"Claudia is the best! She was very patient with us and understood that owning a home was a HUGE deal for us and we were taking it very seriously. It took us at least 5 months to find a house and she did ... more "
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